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Whether for a rubber and metal or plastic bond, our adhesion promoters create the right bond for your product.

What are adhesion promoters?

Adhesion promoters are coatings that are used to improve adhesion between two surfaces. Adhesion promoters are used in various applications and industries, especially in adhesive technology and the coating industry. The purpose of an adhesion promoter is to increase the adhesion between substrates in order to create a stable and durable bond.

Adhesion promoters work by reducing surface tension, neutralizing impurities and contaminants and enabling better surface wetting. In this way, they help adhesives, coatings or other materials to adhere better and form a reliable bond.

Adhesion promoter (rubber-metal)

A vulcanization bonding agent is required for adhesion between rubber and other materials such as metals.

Adhesion promoter (plastic)

Various mechanisms of action make it possible to seal plastic surfaces with heat-sealing lacquers.

Adhesion promoters for every industry

Adhesion promoters are indispensable in industrial production and in the construction industry to ensure the quality and durability of joints and coatings. They are also used in the automotive industry, electronics production, the construction industry and many other areas where reliable adhesion of materials to different surfaces is required.

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