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SI Coatings GmbH

Our paints and coating materials give your products various functional and decorative properties.

Paints and coating materials

Paints and coating materials are mainly used to protect surfaces from corrosion and/or to give them a decorative appearance. In addition, there are applications whose surface must have a special functional or technological property. These include conductivity, printability, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and much more. The coating materials must meet the most diverse requirements that arise during application and possible further processing of the product surface and then during use.

Coil Coating

Discover our specialized colour mixing systems for coil coaters.

Industrial coatings

Protect and refine your industrial components with our industrial coatings.

Technical coatings

Our coatings give your products the technical functions required for your application.

Individual requirements?

In addition to standard products, SI Coatings GmbH also develops paints and coating materials according to specifications in its in-house laboratory. We would be happy to advise you on the development of individual solutions.

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