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You too can rely on our industrial coatings for the protection and finishing of your industrial components.

Industrial coatings

Industrial coatings are coatings that are used in industrial or commercial environments to protect and enhance the surfaces of machines, equipment, pipes and other industrial components. These paints are tailored to the requirements and needs of industrial environments and often differ significantly from conventional paints for private consumers.

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They offer effective protection against various environmental influences such as corrosion, chemicals, moisture, UV radiation and abrasion.

Functional properties

Depending on the requirements, industrial coatings can have special functional properties. These include, for example, heat resistance, non-slip surfaces and electrical insulation.


They are generally more durable and more resistant to wear and mechanical stress than paints for private use.

Application method

Industrial coatings can be applied in a variety of ways, including spraying, dipping, brushing or rolling, depending on the requirements of the particular industrial application.

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