Consultation from the
SI Coatings GmbH

Our consultation provides you with the optimum basis for the development of paints, coatings and more for your application.

Testing by our laboratory

Our competent laboratory team also carries out analyses and tests on behalf of customers. This includes technical application advice on topics such as corrosion protection, cleaning and pre-treatment of belt material, colorimetric measurements and adhesion and wear tests.

Corrosion test

Our specialized laboratory carries out e.g. VDA climate change tests, salt spray tests, condensation water tests, the PV 1200 environmental test and adhesion tests according to various standards. Standards through.

Material testing

We offer you all common tests on liquid coatings, X-ray metal analysis, coating thicknesses of coatings and the determination of chemical conversion coatings, surface energy and wetting behavior, as well as surface analysis using ATR.

Environment and safety

We determine the flash point and viscosity for you using various methods, as well as the classification into storage classes and the creation and interpretation of safety data sheets.

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Please feel free to arrange a consultation so that we can evaluate your requirements for a new development together.

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